Jill Johnson & Jel
A scientist and her slimy friend.
Full Name Jill Johnson

Jel (slime)

Current Age 22 (Jill)

7 (Jel)

Gender Female (Jill)

Non-binary, referred to as male (Jel)

Species Human (Jill)

Mordamorph (Jel)

Current Status Alive
Sexuality Pansexual (Jill)

Asexual (Jel)

First Appearance Jill and Jel
Latest Appearance PROJECT PLASMA
Series Jill and Jel
 Jill Johnson is an aspiring young scientist who has been experimenting on thousands of chain reactions ever since 7th grade. Jel is her childish slimy "partner" who has been with her ever since Jill found him. They, together, are a "dynamic duo" of sorts. They are set to appear in their own game Jill and Jel.


Jill Johnson



Jel is a happy green slime, moving on.


As a child, Jill was always fascinated by science, especially chain reactions. She was a hard-worker during school, primarily having all As. Soon enough, she skipped grade eight and went straight to high school, speeding through that with amazing grades. Soon enough, Ethereal Corp's rival, Greenlight Corp, had noticed her expert skills at chain reactions, and invited her to the corporation, aswell as allowing her to go through college at the corporation.

During all of this, she had discovered a slime creature living in the depths of New York city, but this obviously wasn't an evil monster, it was Jel (of course.). Jel was an extremely.. "helpful" partner to Jill, keeping her company during her works.

Jill began to experiment with "Arm Gauntlets", super strong armwear that could turn literally anyone into a super soldier, and made it without thinking of the consequences. A mysterous being stole the arm gauntlets, and came back several months later with an army, launching a full out attack on Greenlight Corp. Leading us to Jil and Jell.


Jill uses potions (of sorts) to fend off anyone in her way, help Jel, or enhance abilities that were not at full use. She also uses her Arm Gauntlet, which allows her to shoot energy pellets, light people on fire, or just straight-up punch them.

Jel is extremely flexible, and can morph into whatever he wants (as long as it's not too big, he's still a tiny slime!). He is also able to dissolve specific metals with his spit. He changes colors depending on his feelings, green being happy, red being hurt, and blue being sad.


Jill is exceptionally strict, but still likes to have some fun at points. She tends to curse, but almost never uses curse words higher than "shit". She's usually always to the point on things, but can be very timid by people she's never talked to before. She has minor anxiety, but tends to worry about the outcome of everything all the time.

Jel is always jolly, and that's pretty much it.


  • Jill is ambidextrous, but prefers her left hand.
  • Jel is inspired by the slimes of Slime Rancher.