Jill Frost
Gender Female
Species Humanoid
Dry Ice
Current Status Alive

Jill Frost is a humanoid made completely out of dry ice. She can freeze practically anything, and she can severely burn nearly every living creature by simply touching them. Due to this, she has been labeled "The Untouchable" by scientists and government organizations around the world. Nobody seems to know exactly how she came into existence, but many have created theories, most of which have been proven false. She is also able to regenerate specific portions of her body if they are removed by any means. She has yet to appear in any material.


Other than white, Jill has absolutely no colour to her body. The features on her body are not incredibly detailed, but still resemble the basic aspects of the human body. Her hair is long and lustrous, and, unlike most of her body, is not entirely frozen over and is still able to be brushed or changed by strong winds. Her clothes are also made of dry ice, but are not stuck to her skin. Her basic attire includes a tee-shirt, a skirt, and heels.


  • She is able to speak English, German, and Japanese fluently.