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Jill, Jill, and Jill? is an upcoming game for the Megamer handheld device. It will star their new character, Jill, and Kier. It will be her first solo game, and it is about Baby Bowser using the power of a shooting star to split all of the Yoshis into 3 entities to send them into panic. Jill and Kier the only two to come to their senses.


The Story is introduced like Yoshi's Story in a storybook

"All is peaceful in the forest, but a bright shooting star passes overhead."

"As everyone stares in awe, Baby Bowser begins his plan."

"Rising out of his castle comes a large, curved object. The shooting star is then redirected into the castle!"

"A burst of energy radiates from the castle, and everyone begins to panic!"

"Jill looks around herself, and notices the two other Jills, realizing that they truly are her!"

"Three entities of Kier walk up next to her."

"They look towards the castle as the wave stops, and agree to journey as a team!"

"Out they go, into the wild..."


  • Jill: The protagonist of the story; she is split into three entities in the beginning.
  • Kier: A Purple Yoshi who is ready to take down Baby Bowser!
  • Baby Bowser: The evil Koopa-King who sends everyone into panic with his newfound power!



  • 1 Button: Jump
  • 2 Button: Swallow
  • 3 Button (Hold): Egg Aim
  • 3 Button (Release): Egg Throw
  • 4 Button (Hold): Get into Egg and roll
  • 4 Button (Release): Break out of Egg
  • Left Bumper: Block
  • Right Bumper: Block
  • Start: Opens Menu
  • Select:


  • Story: 1-6 Players: Follows the adventures of Jill and Kier. Each Player chooses whom they want to play as, but only 3 of each character can be out at once.
  • Multiplayer Battle: Free-for-all or Team: Allows 1-6 Players to battle each other. Must be an even number for Team Battles.



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