Jill the Yoshi
Jill is a very-concieted baby yellow Yoshi
Full Name Jill
Current Age 6
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Female
Location Yoshi's Island
Current Status Alive
Class Hero


Family and Relations
Enemy of Shy Guys

Enemy of Baby Bowser

Main Weapon(s) Tounge


Ability/ies Swallow

Egg Throw Egg Roll

Vulnerable To N/A
First Appearance Jill, Jill, and Jill?
Latest Appearance The Fantendo Pit

Jill is a yellow, purple-saddled, purple-shoed, concieted, impatient, baby Yoshi. She does, however, get things done when necessary, such as helping the heroes in The Fantendo Pit. She is the star of Jill, Jill, and Jill?.


Not much is known about her history. She has no known relatives, and currently wanders the forest alone.


  • The Fantendo Pit as an Unlockable Fighter
    • Entrance: Pops up from hiding in the ground
    • Basic Attack: Tail Whip
    • Side Attack: Somersault
    • Up Attack: Egg Throw
    • Finisher: Gets Starman and becomes super-fast
    • Victory Pose: Pulls out two eggs and juggles
    • Losing Pose: Hides in egg and rolls away
    • How to Unlock: Play as Kier 10 times