Jiggy P
Jiggy P
Full Name Jiggy P
Current Age 10
Location Castle Street
Class Child, Student, Inventor, Scientist
Main Weapon(s) Various Inventions

Jiggy P is a main character in the Litle P and Sandslash Series. She is Litle P's older sister, and Sandslash's younger sister. She cares deeply for her siblings, but is often annoyed with Litle P's antics. Also, very ironically for a Jigglypuff, she cannot sing very well, with the results of her attempts being ear-piercing.


  • Jetpack
  • Dimensional Portal (destroyed)
  • Litle P's Tyke Tryke
  • Cleffa's Scooter
  • DiscoBot (a useless Disco-Dancing Robot)
  • many unfinished inventions
  • many blue-printed inventions

Jiggy's Lab

Jiggy's Lab is extremly personal, as she only allows invited quests in. It is located in the P Family's basement.