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SSBBRZS Jigglypuff

Strange and agile, Jigglypuff is a veteran of the series. He jumps so high seven times and he can levitate into the air. He is a Jumper character and he hasn't got a main element.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Rollout. Jigglypuff rolls and then goes quickly into the stage inflicting 18% of damage.

Side Special: Pound. Jigglypuff punches inflicting 11% of damage.

Up Special: Sing. Jigglypuff sings, making the opponents sleep.

Down Special: Rest. Jigglypuff sleeps and if an opponent is very close to him, he will fly with a flower and inflicting 25% of damage with a flame effect.

Final Smash: Gigapuff. Jigglypuff grows so much and then shouts. The opponents will fly away.

Special Ability: Feather Weight. Jigglypuff is the lightest character in the game so he has got some special abilities: he can ride the wind, he can swim forever and Pikmins make her (yes, Jigglypuff is a female Pokémon) jumping lower.

Unlock Criteria

Complete a Classic Mode.

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