Jibberardo the Darkness Jibberjay.
Full Name Jibberardo
Class Athlete
Family and Relations
Jibberachi (Younger Brother)
Just run to that flagpole, but I have to tell you that I'm the best of all Jibberjay's!
Jibberardo, Super Mario World 3: Baby Rescue.

Jibberardo (The Darkness Jibberjay) is a Jibberjay and is the angrier and older brother of the Jibber Brothers. His brother is Jibberachi (The Sunshine Jibberjay).He made his debut in Super Mario World 3: Baby Rescue were the player needs to race against him in order to get the Power Star similir to Koopa the Quick, Il Paintissimo and Spooky Speedster from past games. Altough his appereance is quite colorful, he is more angry then happy. He thinks he is the best of all Jibberjay's and that Mario can beat him.

Super Mario World 3: Baby Rescue

Jiberardo made his debut in this game where the player needs to race him to get a Power Star. He appears in

  • Haunted Manor
    • Jibberardo's Chase
  • Petey’s Prowling Jungle
    • Jibberachi And The Jungle Race
  • Chai Kingdom
    • Jibberardo Trough The Village
  • Donkey Kong Island
    • Jumping On Tiki Goons With Jibberardo