Jetpack Guy
Jetpack Guy's Sprite
Species Origin Shy Guy
Rarity Beggining (appears when you pass the triangled sign with ! marked on it"
Shy Guys
Jetpack Guy are subspecies of Fly Guys, they are enemys that first debut in Mario : Across Kaos, they appear in one Factory level called : Jetoes G, they attack Mario by shooting Bullet Bills/Homing Bullet Bills with arms that are shot from bazookas at him


Jetpack Guys are black Shy Guys with a black strap and a white mask, they have blue shoes like red Shy Guys, their expressions change, if Mario is in their range, their expression changes to angry, if Mario is out of their sight, their expressions changes to normal, they carry a bazooka

Game Appearances

Mario : Across Kaos

They make their debut in this game, they only appear in the factory level called : Jetoes G, they attack Mario by shooting Bullet Bills or Homing Bullet Bills with arms, he will follow Mario from behind when he passes a triangled sign with a ! marked on it, if Mario passes a sign that says "Finish", he will fly away defineitly

Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

They make their second appearance in this game, they appear in the 2nd chapter called When Shy Guys Attack, some may make appearances on enemy courses, they attack Mario when in sight by shooting homing Bullet Bills at him, they can be defeated by being jumped on, items, etc. They appear in some When Shy Guys Attack levels and are currently very dangerous because they might shoot 3 homing Bullet Bills.