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Jet the Cat
Jet le chat 3Sonic775
Current Age 16 years old
Gender Male
Species Cat
Current Status Hero
Main Weapon(s) Sword
First Appearance The Legend of the Crystal Chamber

Jet the Cat is the main protagonist of the The Legend of the Crystal Chamber and he is the son of the last guardian of the titular Crystal Chamber. He is hunted by the "The Shadow Warriors" because the leader of the army want the crystals and the crystals may appear only if their guardian touch them. Jet is the last survivor of the last guardian familly, so the crystals can appear only if Jet touch them.


When Jet was a baby, his parents disappeared in stranges circumstances. He was saved by the Dr. Davidson, a man of the Teria world and a great scientist throught the worlds and helping those who need it. He raised Jet like his own son, but when Jet reached 11 years old, Davidson revealed to him the truth. When the starcraft was attacked by the "Shadow Warriors", the cat decided that he would rather die than rest with the secret army and he let the starcraft and fall in the Loncegare ocean. Everyone believed dead.

But Jet was not dead and Max the Falcon, sent by the great sage for find the last guardian son, find Jet 5 years later in the Sybulailla city with Cathie, his new girlfriend. Max tried to convince Jet to leave Loncegare and returning at the crystal chamber, but Jet was reciting for leave the world. After then the "Shadow Warrior" have almost destroyed the city and tried to kidnap Jet, the cat finally decided to follow Max.


Jet is a Speedy character (Dr. Davidson called Jet because he run very faster). He fight with a sword, but he can fight his fists when he need it. He can also use the power crystals synergie and control the power of the cristal to become Crystal Jet, a invincibility form.

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