Jet Set Escape is a 3D Skating-Based platformer done for the Video Game Swap Day by Inora. It is an AU crossover of Jet Set Radio and Ape Escape. The game centers around Spike, a "rudie" living in Tokyo-to who must round up an army of apes set on the loose by their master, the villainous Specter. Reception is TBA.


Tokyo-to is a city of expression where "rudies" use graffiti and acrobatics to express themselves. Spike, a rudie starting a new gang known as the GGs comes upon a secret lair where he finds Specter, an evolved monkey planning to rule the city with an iron first using his monkey army. Spike accidentally frees the thousands of monkeys out, enraging Specter. While Spike takes it upon himself to catch the monkeys, Specter releases his army of robots, lead by Captain Onimasha.

Spike gets help from a mysterious Professor and new friends he meets along the ways, going across the world and even to outer space to stop the monkeys while battling rival gangs. Eventually he rounds up all of the monkeys, and is attacked by Specter and his gigantic monkey-esque battle station. With the help of his friends, the GGs defeat Specter and the Monkeys join the GGs, as they celebrate in Tokyo-to.


The game is a 3D platformer with various elements of acrobatics and skating. Players take control of Spike, Natalie, Jimmy, and Kei & Yumi, each with their own style and gadget that will help them in the game. The main mode is Escape Tour, where players platform across 6 open-world stages, and solve puzzles and platform to find Monkeys, which they can catch with their GetNets. Once all 100 Monkeys have been caught, players return to the giant world map where they can also stop by the Lab, where they can test their skills and buy useful items. At the end of every stage is a boss battle.

Other modes are Timed Tour and Party Tour. Timed Tour has players revisit completed stages to try and complete them within a time limit. Party Tour has players racing their friends to the end of a small stage, or trying to catch the most Monkeys.


  • Spike: A silent spiky haired rudie, the leader of the GGs. The default playable character, his gadget is graffiti, which can be sprayed to reveal monkeys or stun foes.
  • Natalie: The daughter of the Professor, a sassy redhead who joins the GGs in Benten-Cho. Her gadget is a staff, which she can use to climb at certain spots or use it as a melee weapon against enemies.
  • Jimmy: Spike's cousin, a peppy loud ambitious browned hair GG who joins in Kogane-Cho. His gadget is Pipotchi, who can be tossed at enemies or go through small doors.
  • Kei & Yumi: A zany duo who joins the GGs in Sky Park. Their gadget is each other, and they can co-operate to defeat enemies and are useful in situations that require teamwork.
  • Professor: An african-american professor who assists the GGs. He also gives them advice through his radio Jet Set Radio.
  • Specter: The main antagonist, a hyper intelligent monkey. Playable in Party Tour.
  • Jake: Spike's rival, leader of Poison Jam and a boss battle. Playable in Party Tour.
  • Helga: A mysterious girl, leader of Love Shockers and a boss battle. Playable in Party Tour.
  • Mecha Spike: A robotic clone of Spike who leads the Noise Tanks. Playable in Party Tour.
  • Captain Onimasha: The robotic leader of Specter's drones.


Name Description Area
Helga Fought in the bus station, Helga is a shadowy girl and leader of the Love Shockers. She stays in the parking zone, where she'll skate around in a circle and then slam down, sending out a flurry of hearts. Players must dodge the hearts, race up to her, and spray her with graffiti, and then whack her with your net. Repeat this two times to win. Shibuya-Cho
Mecha Spike A mysterious skater who wears metal armor resembling Spike, Mecha Spike leads the Noise Tanks. He'll stay in the end of the tunnel, where he'll throw exploding spray paint cans. Players must use Natalie to race around the cans and use her staff to make it up to the ledges, and jump behind the clone, where players can hit the foe, and they'll be blown back to the start. Repeat this two times to win. Benten-Cho
Jake Spike's greatest rival and the leader of Poison Jam. He's fought on the shipping boat, near the top. He'll send out a flurry of frogs that will push the player into the sea, which must be counteracted by throwing Pipotchi. Reach Jake and hit him to be knocked back to the start. Repeat this two times. Kogane-Cho
Captain Onimasha and the Monkey Mecha The leader of Specter's drones, who commands a gigantic metal monkey. The Monkey Mecha will protect Onimasha and smash the player, as well as spitting banana bombs. Spike must spray it's fists and it'll storm around angrily, running around, letting the player hit Onimasha, prompting the Monkey Mecha to jump ahead of him. Repeat this two times. Steel Island
Specter Blimp A gigantic orange blimp with Specter decals all over it. Players will fight it on the roller coaster. The blimp will shoot out lasers at the player, stopping them. Players must split up Kei and Yumi, distracting the blimp, and allowing the other to hit it. Repeat this two times. Sky Park
SM1 Orbital Battle Station A gigantic battle station shaped like a Monkey head. It'll blast giant lasers at the flying heroes. First players must fly as Kei & Yumi, where they must team up to knock a meteorite at the station. Then, as Jimmy, players must fly throughout the insides of the station while avoiding Monkeys, and then shoot Piptochi inside the hatch to dismantle it. As Natalie, players must use her staff to pull out the laser, and as Spike players must spray graffiti into it's core to defeat the final boss. Outer Space


Name Description Boss
Shibuya-Cho A daytime district of Tokyo-to, this area is the first and easiest. The first area is a bus station full of parked cars and rails. A variety of Monkeys are here, in plain sight. The other parts are narrow highways where the last 20 Monkeys can be collected. Helga
Benten-Cho A night time district of Tokyo-to, primarily an entertainment district that takes place in the higher parts of the city. The first area is a narrow tunnel where players race and befriend Natalie, that leads into a walkway with tall ledges where some Monkeys can be found. From there, players enter a playground full of rails nearby a road. Mecha Spike
Kogane-Cho A sunset district of Tokyo-to near the sea, with a few small houses and a dock. The first area is a fishing boat where players race Jimmy that can be jumped off to fall onto the wooden bridge, which leads to the sea on one side and the housing area on the other. Jake
Steel Island A mysterious isolated island where Specter makes his drones. The first area is a small beach, followed by a jungle, and then a fortress. The beach has the first Monkey, with the others being split up evenly between the jungle and the fortress. Captain Onimasha and the Monkey Mecha
Sky Park An amusement park floating in the sky. The first area is a docking area that leads into a train station that will take players to the other places, and is where Key & Yumi are raced. The train leads to a Carnival and Water Park. The Carnival has a large Roller Coaster that wraps around the Ferris Wheel. The Water Park is a small circular pool with two long slides wrapped around it. Specter Blimp
Outer Space The name says it all. The first area is a small satellite and the starting place. From there, rockets can take the players to four different mini-planets. One, a crystalized rock planet, another a firey volcanic planet, the next an ice planet, and the last a dark planet full of acidic geysers. SM1 Orbital Battle Station





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