Jet Kirby 2
Jet Kirby from Kirby Super Star Ultra
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Obtained from Capsule J2
Capsule J
Capsule J3
Powers Flying
Use of exhaust

Jet is one of Kirby's many Copy Abilities. It allows Kirby to fly in midair and perform a variety of attacks based on the Jet's exhaust fumes and fire. The ability is generally quite rare and has only appeared in a few Kirby games.


When Kirby becomes Jet Kirby, his backside gains the appearance of a small jet, with wings and a tailwing on it. He also gets a small pair of pilot sunglasses that he wears on his forehead, and a large exhaust pipe on his bottom side from which exhaust shoots out. In game, explosions are commonly shown to be emitted from this pipe, as is steam.

By holding down A, Kirby can shoot up in the air like a Jet, replacing his standard jumping and flying abilities. He can also perform a variety of attacks, like shooting forward or launching exhaust from his bottom side to attack enemies. This ability is often quite powerful, while also allowing Kirby to transverse the environment quickly. Because of it's usefulness, few enemies grant the ability; the only ones that do are Capsule J2, Capsule J, and Capsule J3.



Jet Skills
Skill Buttons
Store Power DS B
Jet Kick Release DS B
Jet Headputt Release DS B in air
Jet Dash Max power + Release DS B
Jet Blow Release DS B near foe
Jet Cracker Jet Dash + DS B
Rocket Dive Max power + Jet Blow
Power Save Store power + DS A
Hover DS A in air
Ultra Jet Jump Max power + DS A in air

Fanon Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Collide

When an Arwing is sucked up by Kirby, he becomes Jet Kirby for a short amount of time.