Jestyro's Appearance
Full Name Jestyro Flampokis
Current Age 665
Gender Male
Species Fire Elemental
Align Neutral-Evil
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Fire Elemental Abilities
Height 3.405m
Weight 2kg
Jestyro is a Fire Elemental who heavily travels about acting as a hitman. He is distinct from most Fire Elementals for his Jester-like appearance and tendencies.


Jestyro appears as a Bipedal Fire Elemental and has large Spear-Flame Arms. He has a rather compact body overall with a flaming pattern alternating between orange and red. His diamond shape head has no apparent mouth and two large dark-red eyes. He has single-toed feet although it's likely he changes them to look like shoes. In addition Jestyro wears three pieces of cloth, one on each foot and one on his head. The two on his feet have a single ball on the end while the one on top of his head has five.


Incredibly intelligent, Jestyro is able to manipulate his psyche making him impossible to control or trick, he also does this so he can appear as different individuals as he can lower his internal combustion to appear more like a regular jester or hide himself beneath a cloak. In addition Jestyro has been known to wear clothing and masks to hide himself from his targets. Jestyro's true mindset has been described as relentless, unemotional and curiously bliss. He appears to take great joy in killing off individuals and is currently outlawed in several galaxies.


It is unknown what occured during Jestyro's youth, all that has been stated is around his hitman career. Over the course of his life he's made a name for himself by taking out high ranking officials with incredible precision and stealth seemingly only wanting to be seen when he wants his presence known. He has taken out hundreds of political leaders and has even single-handedly assassinated the entire board of the Centurian Mafia as per request from the corrupt Centurian Government from a few centuries back. It is unknown how Jestyro is able to contact his clients although some believe that he has learnt how to tap into the universal energy and can render his eyes and ears to any flame.


Like all Fire Elementals Jestyro is able to manipulate fire through the thermal energy it generates, Jestyro has a particular knack for being able to turn fire into images of things to fight as well as creating small, but explosive flame bolts.


  • Jestyro seems to have one of if not the largest ranges of body temperature for a Fire Elemental, able to bring his body down to within one-one millionth of a degree above 0 Kelvin and all the way up to and beyond the temperature of most suns
  • Jestyro has been known to hide in fires although tends to avoid primitive fires, calling them uncultured