Jess is a Popopo who came to Zolara from Earth. Like the majority of her friends, she is from California.


Jess has long brown hair and eyes, a purple body and black feet.


Jess has got three different elemental powers: telekinesis, ice and fire.


Jess is supposedly queen of some faraway kingdom (not that anyone believed her) and her powers were supposedly natural, claiming that she had them her whole life (which is something only Eddie believed). Her "lies" have always managed to hold up, though, and she can always make a fairly believable response to what her "kingdom" is like.


Jess was never one to back down as a human. And she still isn't going to back down as a Popopo. Her hardy nature means that no matter what, she will always try and get to the bottom of something, no matter how big or small the challenge is.

Relationships with Other Characters

Brendan - Jess is in an unexplainable relationship with Brendan.


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