Jess m
Jess on community service.
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Wertham
Current Status Alive
The Community Centre
Ability/ies X-Ray Vision, Blindness (when on ecstacy)
Vulnerable To Ecstacy
Nationality English
First Appearance Season 4, Episode 1
Latest Appearance Season 5, Episode 8
You've cast a spell! I can't eat, I can't sleep, and I can't shit. Without that [poking Jess' nose] popping into me head.
Well, I hate to mess up your well established routine of eating, sleeping, and shitting.
Rudy and Jess, S05E05

Jess is a sarcastic community service worker, with the power of X-Ray Vision.


Misfits: Wertham Warfare

Jess appears as an unlockable character in Wertham Warfare. She is unlocked by completing story mode as th ASBO Five. Completing story mode as Jess unlocks Alex.


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