Jeshika (Fantendo no Imouto)
Artwork by JesseRoo (tbc)
Full Name Jesse
Current Age 18
Date of Birth May 14
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Fantengoku High
Family and Relations
Halloween Spirit (father)
Victor (Brother)
364 sisters
First Appearance Fantendo no Imouto
Latest Appearance Fantendo no Imouto

Jesse (often referred to by her nickname, Jeshika) is a character in Fantendo no Imouto, and one of Victor's 365 imoutos. She is a hikikomori, and stays locked inside her dormitory room with her imouto Tukkun, who takes care of her, and their pet dog Boo.

She is based on JesseRoo (tbc).


Fantendo no Imouto

Personal Information

Physical Description

Jeshika has short, black hair which is tied up at the back, and light brown eyes.

She wears a simple white shirt and black skirt rather than the full school uniform, as she is too lazy to dress herself properly (and even needs to be dressed by Tukkun on some occasions), and never attends classes anyway.


On initial impressions, Jeshika seems quiet and antisocial (a trait which lead to her becoming a hikikomori). However, when she is with her closest friends (in particular, Tukkun) or shrouded in anonymity (such as when she posts on Fantendo) she opens up more.

She has a dry, and often self-deprecating and/or sarcastic sense of humour. She may also be considered slightly narcissistic.



Halloween Spirit

Jeshika has a somewhat sour relationship with her father, as she is not particularly interested in trick or treating, which she refers to as "cosplay", and is too antisocial to be involved in the social side of Halloween.

Since coming to Fantengoku High, she has all but forgotten about him, and never celebrates Halloween (despite it being Halloween every day in Fantengoku High) because she refuses to leave her dormitory room.


Tukkun is Jeshika's imouto, and also her closest friend. Tukkun serves as Jeshika's link to the outside world (besides the Fantendo message board), and often brings her homework from school since she does not attend classes herself. Tukkun prepares food, washes clothes and performs all the other household tasks in their dormitory without assistance from Jeshika, a fact which she feels somewhat guilty about.