Jerry J. Koopa
Sprite Anime
Full Name Jerry J. Koopa
Current Age 12
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Location Bowser's Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Koopaling
Family and Relations
Larry, Jackson, Wendy O, Morton, Ludwig Von, Iggy, Lemmy, Risen Koopa
Main Weapon(s) Storm Wand
Ability/ies Thunder
Vulnerable To Jumped on
Voice Actor(s)
No editing without my permission thank you.Jerry J. Koopa was raised by Bowser and he is the 3rd yongest Koopaling he likes to wear ponny tails a lot BIG TIME. Jerry has big butcheek teeth he does not like them but hes lucky to have him. His ability is Storm his best friend is Boltkitu they both like to do scams at The Mushroom Kingdom. He was poked in the eye when he was 3 years old he wears an eye patch for life. His favorite sibilings are Larry, Wendy, Roy, Iggy and Lemmy Koopa , because the others are just mean too him, his favorites treat him like a real brother. Ludwig, Morton, Jackson Risen Koopamake fun of his butcheek teeth all the time. There is no animation yet for Jerry J. Koopa but there will this weekend starting June 1st

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