Jerry (voiced by Tara Strong) is a young green turtle who makes an appearence in the episode Pest Off as the Main Antagonist. He soon becomes freinds with Skip, Sqak and others.

Jerry has a huge crush on Cynder and when Skip sees it, he becomes ofensive to him and keeps him away from her. He will appear in more episodes soon.


  • Pest Off: Jerry makes his deput as the Main Antagonist. He is first seen poking Cynder with a pencil, and he is later seen throwing a bucket of water at her. When Cynder demands why he's been bugging her, Jerry reveals he's in love with her. He follows her around and does stupid things to impress her, like giving her a love letter, chocolate cake, and he even "sacrificed" himself to take a soccer ball before Cynder was about to kick it. At the bus home, Jerry annoys her with his flattery. In the end, he relizes how busy Cynder is after school and runs off. It is unknown if he still loves her.
  • Witch Is Witch?: Jerry makes a return in this episode in the Smiley Cheatsy with Roshan, Croco, Tubby, Imp, Sqak and Skip. When Roshan thinks Robin is a witch, Jerry knows a witch that lives in Spooky Swamp so he and the boys go there to solve Roshan's question. At the Swamp Gate, Jerry was the last one to climb up the vine and over the gate but the vine snaps because he drank 23 root beers at the Smiley Cheatsy, but he only lands on a branch close to the top of the gate. Later, the witch catches the boys spying on her and Jerry runs through the fence along with his friends. At the end of the episode, Jerry was fixing up Angela's well and gets tired out.

Back In Action

Jerry made another return in this game walking around Sunny City. If you talk to him, he'll ask "Why are you all getting rid of the Ant Pods?! They were really cool!"

In the ending cutscene, Jerry was seen with his team stealing the Rocket and fly up to Xoon.


Jerry is the First Boss one of the Main Villians in this game as a member of RED. He reveals he still hasn't lost his love for Cynder and decides to destroy Skip and take over the world. He was be sent to invade Gogstone Mountain where he attacks the Gogekka Palace with his Red Ant Army but the Blue Ant Army and the Team defeat his plans. When Jerry tries to get away in his UFO on top of the mountain, the Team persue him where he fights them in his Giant Turtle Bot but the team defeat him. However, Jerry was able to escape in his UFO.

Later on, the SSFF found out Jerry and his team were actually working for Dr. Sakerine.


Pest Off

  • "Hey, whats the big deal, smelly?!"
  • "Me?? I aint do nuttin..."
  • "How will I know? I was just calmly reading my Pasiku Book."
  • "Uh... I like to challenge my self.. (grabs the book and reads upside down)..uuuuuhhh... Is that one gumrthkloe?"
  • "I love you. So there, I said it and I'm proud... I said it and I'm proud! (Voice gets louder) I SAID IT AND I'M PROUD!"
  • "No I won't! So much pressure! It makes me wanna SCREAM!"
  • "I'm in love with a girl named Cynder the Valkyrie! And I won't rest till I capture her precious heart to my cold clammy hands! (A zoom up of Jerry's hands looking gross and lumpy)"

Witch Is Witch?

  • "Thanks, Dib but root beer isn't so necassary."
  • "Yup, in fact, I know where a real witch lives!"
  • "In the Dark Forest down in Spooky Swamp. I'll take you all there if you want... Unless you're to scared!"
  • "I'm off to Spooky Swamp to see the witch!"
  • "Time to be stealthy!"