Sorry I sound so down, but you would be too if you saw Luigi dressed as a bride. I'm serious. It scarred me.


Jerry is a cherry-like Bob-omb who is one of Luigi's Partners. He first appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as one of Luigi's partners from Plumpbelly Village. Jerry is the second partner that joins Luigi on his adventure to rescue Princess E'Clair. Luigi and Jerry travel to Plumpbelly Village, where Luigi gets in a dress so that he can be offered to a snake as a sacrifice. They defeat the snake, and Jerry goes with Luigi to make sure no one has to witness the horror of seeing Luigi in a dress ever again.

Luigi's Journey

Jerry appears in this upcoming game as Luigi's second partner. Though both his and Luigi's motives are unclear at the moment, Jerry is known to have an impressive array of attacks and is still scarred by the memories of Luigi in a bride's dress.

Fantendo Fury 3

Jerry appears in the upcoming game as a playable character, though not much is known about the game yet.

Adventuring with Yoshi

In the upcoming game, (Name pending) Jerry goes on a journey with Yoshi to defeat Mr. L and other villains along the way. During the journey, Jerry & Yoshi develop a strong friendship. Though Jerry's memories of Luigi in a dress still haunt him forever, he has now found a supposed love interest in Bombette.

Here comes the... oh no...

In Paper Luigi: The Thousand-Year Compass, when Luigi visited Plumpbelly Village in search of a Marvelous Compass piece, Jerry had to witness Luigi dressing as a bride. He never directly allied with Luigi, but he decided to follow him so he would never horrify anyone by dressing as a bride again.



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