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Jenny (SS)
Full Name Jenny Susanna Redpath
Current Age 35
Date of Birth 3 April
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Secret Springs: Deepest Mysterys
Latest Appearance Secret Springs: Sunken Dreams
Family and Relations
Chloe (Child) Grace (Mother)

Jenny (ジェニー Jénnee) is a minor character in the Secret Springs: Deepest Mysterys game. She plays the role of Chloe's mother.


Jenny was kind and caring but her and Chloe never got along, after a fight with Chloe, Chloe whent to live with her grandmother-- Grace. After Chloe moved out Jenny's husband died in a car crash and Jenny became bitter and evil.


Jenny has pale blonde hair tied up in a bun, she wears a blue-ish lilac sweater and black pants.

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