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Jenny: The Game
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) HAL Laboratory
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release Date(s)
JP: July 14, 2003
International: July 25, 2003
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform, Adventure
Media Included Cartridge

Jenny: The Game (ジェニー:ドクターリュウのカオス Jenny: Dr. Ryu's Chaos!!?), later known as Jenny 3, is the 2003 video game spin-off of Jenny, released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan on July 14, 2003 and in international regions on July 25, 2003. It is often considered more of a backdoor pilot for the anime series Jenny: The Animated Series rather than a sequel to the original game. The story is an introduction to Dr. Kullian's 850 Puffians, which he created with the financing of scientist Dr. Drac.


  • Sora Kulian (ソラテック Sora Tech?): Dr. Kulian's daughter and a "sister" of Jenny's.
  • Professor Kulian (ドクターテック Dr. Tech?): A brilliant alien scientist who created many Puffians and was the father of Jenny.
  • Ms. Kulian (ミズテック Ms. Tech?): Dr. Kulian's wife and the mother of Jenny.
  • Dr. Drac (ドクターリュウ Dr. Ryu?): A surprisingly small dragon scientist who plans to conquer the world.
  • Captain Alchemist (アルケミスト Alchemist?): Now serving as a henchmen to Dr. Drake, he pilots his robot to capture the Puffians including Jenny and Flare.


  • Jenny (ジェニー Jenī?): The Puffian Number 851, the main protagonist of the series and the player's character.
  • Puffian No. 850 (NO.850?): The Puffian Number 850, who has all Jenny's abilities, but turns out to be incredibly goofy. He often served as Captain Alchemist's pet, and can talk surprisingly.
  • Flare (フレア Furea?): The Puffian Number 478 with an ability to control fire. With his own wits, he disappeared mysteriously.


  • This game is originally known as Jenny 2: Dr. Ryu's Chaos!, but it was changed to avoid confusion about the upcoming game Jenny 2: The New World.

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