Full Name Jen
Current Age 7 (most games)

20 (Mighty Willy Powers)

Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Robitown
Class Superhero
Family and Relations
Willy - Sister
Main Weapon(s) Smackhammer
Ability/ies Electric Powers, Double Jumping
Vulnerable To fire, ground
First Appearance Super Mighty Mario Bros
Latest Appearance Mighty Willy Powers
You probably didnt know this, but I'm a female...
Jen, Fantendo Park

Jen is a young mario brother who is actually a female. She has been gifted with electric powers. She used to be part of Rowan Productions, but is now a character in the company of Magic Games Incorporated. She and Willy will appear in a future game...


After Jen was born, Bowser attacked. Her mother, before being captured, put Baby Jen in a basket and sent her down the river. None of the existing Mario characters, other than Bowser, know about Jen. 5 days passed, and she was almost in the ocean when Willy (6 years old) rescued her. Willy and his new friend wished they got mario's powers. They both got it, however, Jen got electric powers and Willy got earthquake powers... Together, 7 years later, they stopped bowser before mario did. The Mario Gang then heard about the two new brothers. Little did they know Jen was a female, until her quote in Fantendo Park. They decided to make the two the new Mario Bros, and they got their overalls...

Game Appearances

Mighty Willy Fights

Regular attack - Shorty Circuit

Left/Right Attack - Bugzapper

Down attack - Electromagnet

Up attack: Large Jump

Big Finish: Thunderstorm

Mighty Willy Powers

Jen is 20 In this game...



  • Similar to Maria, Luise, Waria, Walice, and Heart, Jen is female and wears overalls...
  • Jen is shorter than willy, yet more plump than Willy.
  • Her mother used to be a superhero, so she was given electric powers...
    • This theory based on Jen was made after her story...