Jem Zero
The first in the line of the Jem Console Line.
Developer(s) Overclocked
Patented wireless charging
Backward Compatibility V
Forward Compatibility Jem Mecha

Jem Zero is an console that was developed by Phoniex Circle. After the success of the V and Vport, the Jem Zero was in planning process. The project was put off due to financial issues with the project, with it being finally finished by Overclocked.

The final product introduces a new controller, one that doesn't need to be recharged due to it's patented wireless charging system. The controller can also be separated into two handles for motion games, and can be put back together for games that require no motion. The console is much larger than the ones larger on the market due to it's massive data storage that can be expanded. It has a sleek blue and grey color scheme.

Fallen Cloud

The Fallen Cloud is a cloud storage that is located in the console. It holds storage for games and what not, allowing you to access them from your laptop and smartphones. While the games themselves are not playable, the files for the games are, allowing you to change textures, models, and music. You can also rip from the games themselves.


Launch (August 20th, 2012)

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