Jellybean Jungle is the fifth world in New Super Mario Bros. X-treme. It is rainforest themed. The boss is Iggy.

5-1: Mangrove Coast

The first level of the fifth world. It is beach themed. Cheep Cheeps and Piranha Plants appear in this level

5-2: Gigantic Forest

A forest level with giant enemies and Porcupuffers

5-3: Yoshi's Woods

A level with Yoshi and Hammer Bros.

5-4: Rainy Rapids

A rainy level with Spear Guys and Cheep Cheeps

5-Fortress: Petey's Poisonous Fortress

A fortress level with poison water and River Piranhas. The boss is Petey Piranha.

5-Ghost: Boo's Haunted Temple

A temple level with Boos. This level takes place in a maze. A secret exit reaches 5-A

5-A: Beanstalk Jungle

A sky/jungle level with Lakitus and Waddlewings. The second half has Parabeetles. Completing this level reaches World 7.

5-5: The Great Beehive

A sunset jungle level with Bees and Spikes.

5-6: The Great Wooden Tree

A level inside a tree with Piranha Plants, Paratroopas and falling leafs. Iggy's airship will be circling around his castle at the end.

5-Castle: Iggy's Magma Castle

This castle is on a volcano. Lava waves, Poodoos, and Spiked balls are in this level. The boss is Iggy.


Petey Piranha

Petey will spit out sticky goop balls and he will try to crush you. He will also summon a few Piranha Plants

Iggy Koopa

Iggy will use his hair as a propeller or a horn he will also fire green orbs. After to hits Iggy will hop into a machine that will fire missiles.

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