Full Name Jeld Fresha
Current Age 15
Date of Birth when Jack is split
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Location Dimensional Vector
Class Hero
Enemy of Dragoroth

Alternate form of Jack

Main Weapon(s) Dimensional Powers

Electircal Powers

Vulnerable To Darkness
First Appearance Jack Dimensional
Latest Appearance Jack Dimensional

Jeld is a character created when Jack 'Elemental' Fresha is forced through a wormhole by Dragoroth. It was supposed to split his power in half, but by training themselves, they are working to overpower Dragoroth in his new schemes to restore the power of the Rod of Power. His main powers are elecricity and dimensional, using warps and volts to attack. He has low mental defense, but high regular defense.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jeld is a character with silver hair and a darker tan skin. He wears a white jacket, on top of a black shirt with blue stripes. He wears white pants with a black stripe down the sides, and white shoes. He is supposed to be the polar opposite of Jack, so his costume is mostly just an inversion. He is also slightly taller than Jack.




  • Dragoroth- Dragoroth is the evil wizard who split Jack into six entities in the first game. He returns in order to restore the power of the Rod of Power, but it is unexplained how he lived.