Jek the Hedgehog
Jek revamp
Full Name Jek the Hedgehog
Location Mobius
Class Neutral
Family and Relations
Sonic the Hedgehog
Main Weapon(s) Hyper Emeralds

Jek the Hedgehog is the main character in the Jek the Hedgehog series created by Koopa Bros. 98 (tbc). He is the cousin of Sonic the Hedgehog and has appeared in many darker games. Though Jek's games have not yet appeared on Fantendo, he appears in Sonic Speedball RPG IV: Speedster Mania as a playable character.


Sonic Speedball RPG IV: Speedster Mania

Jek makes an appearance as a playable character in Sonic Speedball RPG IV: Speedster Mania. Near the end of the game, Arceus creates a black hole that inhales all the heroes. Sonic however, is saved by Jek before he is sucked in. Jek uses his Hyper Emeralds to destroy Arceus in an epic final battle. Jek then reveals that he is Sonic's cousin and joins the party.