Jeff the Piano U is a 2017 Wii U game developed by Nintendo after acquiring the rights to the character. It is the long awaited sequel to Jeff the Piano: Quest for the Silver MacGuffin, a 1995 3D platformer game for the No. After Jeff faded into obscurity, many fans started a petition to get Jeff brought back.


Jeff the Piano, a living Laundromat from the far away nation of Laundromat Island, must save his fellow Laundromats when his old nemesis, Professor Turtle, returns to get the Silver Forks, a set of fine silverware with the same magic powers as the Silver MacGuffin from the first game.


  • Jeff the Piano - A living Laundromat from Laundromat Island.
  • Professor Turtle - An evil nerd-turtle bent on destroying Laundromat Island.

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