A= Barrel Smack - Jeff smacks the opponent with the butt of his gun. If comboed, he will also use the barrel, side-swiping an opponent's face.

B= Blaster - Jeff fires his gun, which shoots out a long beam. Charging it will make the beam longer, both dealing slightly more damage, and have a piercing ability. This is only at full charge, which takes time.

(A)= Headbutt - Jeff will do a headbutt. However if he misses, he will fall forward for a moment. His recovery time from that is short enough to not have to worry about being attacked from behind (or in front).

(B)= Bomb Disposal - Jeff throws a bomb forward about 8 feet, in a low arching motion.

D A= Low Punch - Jeff does a low punch, hitting an opponent in the shin.

D B= B Bomb - Jeff throws a bomb above him, which, unless it hits someone, will explode after a short time of leaving his hands.

U A= Upper Punch - Jeff throws an upward punch with his left hand.

U B= Glide Rocket - Jeff pulls out a firework that flys under him and lifts him up when it reaches its end it explodes, this causes damage to foes, but not Jeff.

FINAL SMASH= Sky Runner - Jeff calls the Sky Runner, hops into it and crashes it onto the stage, and the resulting explosion is twice the size of the Sky Runner itself. This is a one-hit K.O. to anyone it hits, regardless of damage already taken.

Taunt 1=Jeff spins around and holds his gun across his chest.

Taunt 2=Jeff will spin his gun around 3 times on his finger by the trigger, grabbing the handle again when this is completed.

Taunt 3=Jeff nods his head, and his glasses fall off. He frantically picks them up and puts them back on.

Jeffis a poo

Jeff on the onnet stage with Ness, This is the start of Jeff's 3rd taunt

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