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Jayden is the main charter in the Jaydenworld Chronicles. he is known for saving Jaydenworld time and time again! But he is not alone on his quest!

First part.png
the hero of Jaydenworld
Full Name Jayden
Current Age 10
Date of Birth September 15th
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender male
Species Human
Location Jaydenworld
Current Status unknown
Class Human
Main Weapon(s) power ups and shroob lazer gun
Element(s) Magic, Physic
Ability/ies Shroob team
Vulnerable To Dark
First Appearance Jaydenworld
Latest Appearance .Flow 2 (cameo)
the shroobs (team)

Jonah (brother) Shroobish (part-shroob "son")

Jaydenworld team and the shroobs

Jaydenworld (game)

His first game. In this game Jaydenworld is under atack by Shadow Seekers. Jayden, in the house, gets in a shelf in the basement, warping him to the kitchen. Then he looks out the window and sees the shadow seekers, and goes to warn the others.

Jaydenworld .D.I.Y.

In this game Jayden comes across a blank part of Jaydenworld (Sometimes known as the void) and finds a magic bag. He takes out a bag of seeds, on the bag there was a picture of a shadow seeker. He plants a seed and a shadow seeker pops out of the ground, he beats it, and puts the seeds back. Then he gives the bag to you so you can make the void look better.

Mario Kart .D.I.Y.

In this game Jayden is an unlockable driver. He is unlocked by putting 100 Shroobs in the backround watching the race (due to the fact that Jayden is part of the Shroob Team)

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