Jay Lightning
Jay's artwork for Earth-Zero
Full Name Jay Lightning
Current Age Unknown
Location Unknown
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Lightning

Jay Lightning is the main protagonist in Earth-Zero. He has the ability to hold, touch, and throw electricity after being struck by lightning from another universe, and has the ability to travel between universes after The Gray Creator gave him that ability.


Jay was originally a normal human from either the first or last universe created by the Creators. He found a Universal Door and fell to the universe that the Black Creator fell to, known as the Zero Earth (as called by The Black Creator in-game)/Earth-Zero (which the narrator and every other character called it in-game).

Game Appearances

Travel to Earth-Zero

The History section above explains how he got to Earth-Zero. In this game, The Gray Creator tells Jay that, if he can defeat The Black Creator and his army, he will be granted the ability to travel between universes.