Jawful is a gluttonous ghoul who shows up in some of the Mario RPG adventures. They first appeared in Super Mario RPG, wielding giant forks and residing within Nimbus Castle. Their love of food is only rivaled by the most ravenous of Shy Guys, and they are rarely seen without a utensil for snacking. Jawful also has a smaller version of itself within its mouth.


Mario & Luigi: Chicken Out

Jawfuls are among the first enemies Mario and Luigi encounter. They are found inside of the mysterious chicken restaurant in Toad Town, and a group of them immediately attack the brothers upon their arrival. At the beginning of a battle, Jawful can do two things. Its only offensive maneuver is to open its mouth, revealing a Mini-Jawful that spits bouncing chicken bones at the brothers. Its other move is to summon a fork, which uses up a turn but gives it a new moveset of fork-related attacks. It can throw its fork like a spear (which must be hammered back to avoid) or run at the brothers with the fork and try to skewer them.

Jawfuls are seemingly capable of speech in this game, but the only thing they say is "MMM! ME EAT!"


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