Jason 20
Full Name Jason Trevor Lennon
Current Age 14 (Omega Factor), 16 (Ultimate Alliance)
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Bellwood, Pennsylvania
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Omnitrix User
Main Weapon(s) Biomnitrix (Omega Factor), Ultimatrix (Ultimate Alliance), Ultimate Biomnitrix (Negative 10: Parts 2, 3 & 4)
Occupation(s) Student, Plumber-in-Training.
Ben's real Sidekick (himself), Partner (Ben, Rook)
Voice Actor(s)
Scott Menville (Omega Factor), Cameron Bowen (Ultimate Alliance)

Jason Trevor Lennon, known as Jason 20, is Ben 10's pupil and one of the main characters in Ben 10: Omega Factor; being the first to bear the Omegatrix and later ending up wearing the Biomnitrix, Jason has to deal with the suddenly high amount of responsibility that ended up attatched to his wrists.

In Ben 10: Ultimate Alliance, Jason continues to be a key character in the series, sticking around right up until the series finale.


When he debuted in Omega Factor, he seemed like a pretty simple person: studious, picked on on occasion by some of the more popular kids, but overall very friendly in spite of this. He was well aware of the responsibility he would be accepting when he received the Biomnitrix, even going so far as to ask Ben to teach him everything he knew about it, showing his eagerness to learn and maturity, despite his age.

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Omegatrix (formerly)

Originally, in a way incredibly similar to Ben's receivement of the prototype Omnitrix all those years ago, Jason got the Omegatrix when it ended up crashing near his house, and while he did get to use it for a brief period in time, he only transformed with it once before he unintentionally exchanged it with Ben for the Biomnitrix.

The only transformation he used is listed below:

  • Omega Big Chill - The only transformation Jason used with the Omegatrix, Omega Big Chill was seen fighting with Icy Whirlwinds.


Having had the Biomnitrix long enough to come up with several fusion aliens, Jason has access to several different fusions that cover various aspects easily.

  1. FourMungousaur (Tetramand/Vaxasaurian) - FourMungousaur is the fusion of Four Arms and Humungousaur, Ben's physically strongest aliens; having four, massive, heavy-hitting arms, Fourmungousaur can lift things that neither of its source aliens would be able to.
  2. SpiderHopper (Arachnichimp/Locustoid) - SpiderHopper is the fusion of Spidermonkey and Crashhopper; being able to leap high and shoot webbing from his hands, SpiderHopper could essentially be the Spider-Man of the Omnitrixes.
  3. ShockArms (Gimlinopithecus/Tetramand) - As implied from his name, ShockArms is a fusion of Shocksquatch and Four Arms; while ShockArms does have enhanced strength, all four of his arms can be supercharged with electricity for some shieldbreaking damage.
  4. SwampViner (Methanosian/Florauna) - Mixing two plant-based forms seems logical; so it should be no surprise that a Swampfire/Wildvine hybrid would be a thing. SwampViner can throw firebombs in the form of fruits, and create and manipulate vinewalls.
  5. HazardGuana (Orishan/Polar Manzardill) - HazardGuana is the fusion of Water Hazard and Arctiguana; while Water Hazard just sprayed regular water from his palms, HazardGuana sprays water that freezes objects on contact.
  6. FrankenDust (Transylian/Nemuina) - A fusion so ugly it's cute, FrankenDust is what you get when you cross sleeping dust-throwing Pesky Dust with lightning-slinging Frankenstrike; he can make multiple sleeping dust clouds and then chain-activate them with a bolt of lightning.
  7. FastRath (Citrakayah/Appoplexian) - FastRath is what you get when you mix Fasttrack's impressive speed with Rath's impressive angry (his words, not mine); with claws on his hands, enhanced speed and strength and a flair for fancy wrestling moves, FastRath packs one mean punch.
  8. AtomiShock (Radiasapiod/Nosedeenian) - Mixing Atomix's super nuclear-powered energy with Buzzshock's limited Electric manipulation, AtomiShock can use the nuclear power to fuel his electric batteries and create many powerful electric shocks at once.
  9. GravNRG (Galilean/Prypiatosian-B) - The mix of Gravatttack and NRG, GravNRG is a walking tank; capable of shooting radioactive blasts, maniplating gravity and turning into essentially an indestructable meteor, GravNRG is one of the sturdiest fusions in the Biomnitrix.
  10. Fried Kickin' (Pyronite/Accipeterian) -  The mix of Kickin' Hawk and Heatblast, just mix fancy acrobatic combat with superheating flames and you have Fried Kickin'.

Ultimatrix (upgraded)

In the episode "The Ultimate Heroes", Jason's Biomnitrix (along with Ben's Omegatrix and Albedo's Stablizier) ended up converted into a pair of Ultimatrixes, with improved controls, all old Omnitrix features, and the added bonus to skip the base stage of some forms and go Ultimate immediately.

He can use the following transformations, a large majority of them stemming from the original series:

  1. Wildmutt (Ultimate Wildmutt) - Supersenses, Sharp Claws, Sharp Teeth, Sharp Tail (Ultimate)
  2. Four Arms - Superstrength, Super-stamina.
  3. Grey Matter (Ultimate Grey Matter) - Hyperintelligence, Stealth, Minute Stature, Hovering (Ultimate), Telekinesis (Ultimate), Lasers (Ultimate), Third Eye (Ultimate).
  4. XLR8
  5. Upgrade
  6. Diamondhead
  7. Ripjaws
  8. Stinkfly
  9. Ghostfreak
  10. Heatblast (Ultimate Heatblast)
  11. Cannonbolt (Ultimate Cannonbolt)
  12. Wildvine
  13. Blitzwolfer
  14. Snare-Oh
  15. Frankenstrike
  16. Perk Upchuck
  17. Ditto
  18. Eye Guy
  19. Arctiguana (Ultimate Arctiguana)
  20. Feedback (Ultimate Feedback)
  21. Ultimate Echo Echo
  22. Spitter
  23. Squidstrictor (Ultimate Squidstrictor)
  24. Terraspin
  25. Ultimate Spidermonkey
  26. Eatle
  27. Buzzshock
  28. Whampire
  29. Reaper

Ultimate Biomnitrix

Obtained in the latter half of the Ultimate Alliance series finale "Negative 10", the Ultimate Biomnitrix was created when Mad Ben's Power Watch (in the battle between the Alliance and the Negative 10) unexpectedly and unexplainably synced its signal and coloration to Jason's own Ultimatrix. With Mad Ben's own Omnitrix alien collection (which was pretty much the same as Ben Prime's before he met Jason) plus his own complete set of Ultimates (which now includes all of Ben's Ultimate aliens), he can make fusions that surpass the old ones.

  1. Ultimate FourMungousaur (Evolved Vaxasaurian/Tetramand) - A mix of Ultimate Humongousaur and Four Arms's DNA, Ultimate FourMungousaur is easily the physically strongest transformation any Omnimatrix user could ever have; with four arms that could knock down buildings and move mountains, the hands of which convert into rapidfire missile launchers, Ultimate FourMungousaur leaves any opponent (including Humungousaur's natural predator Tyrannopede) crying for their mommy!
  2. Ultimate SpiderHopper - A little experimentation led to Jason fusing the DNA of Spidermonkey with Crashhopper to create a strong, but agile insectoid fighter. With superstrength, four web-shooting arms, and amazing jumping prowess backed up by a durable cranium, Ultimate SpiderHopper makes most Arachnichimps Arachni-chumps by comparison!
  3. Ultimate WayMech -
  4. Ultimate GuanaHazard -
  5. Ultimate FastRath -
  6. Ultimate SwampViner -
  7. Ultimate EchoDitto -
  8. Ultimate Brain Matter -
  9. Ultimate GravNRG -
  10. Big Bang - (Celestialsapien/Chronosapien/Radiasapiod/Evolved To'kustar/Galvanic Mechamorph) A transformation that fuses the power of the 4 most powerful aliens in the Omnitrix's DNA records, Big Bang was created when Ben Prime, Ben 23, Jason and Albedo fused their combined Omnitrix DNA into one superpowerful transformation that posseses all the skills of each. With six consciences driving them, Big Bang engaged a omnipotent Vilgax for the fate of all realities, and just barely succeeded.
  11. Ultimate SauroMonkey -


Ben Tennyson

Hope (Charmcaster)

Rook Blonko

Gwen Tennyson

Kevin Levin

Private Brownbag



  • Jason's nickname is Jason 20 as a homage to the Original Series of Ben 10; since his Omnitrix of choice (at least in the first series) is the Biomnitrix, a version which combines two separate DNA samples to create a powerful fusion, his nickname is a play on "Ben 10".