Don't stop to talk! Run while you talk!
Jason to Brad & Kirby

Jason (Nintendo High School)
Full Name Jason
Current Age 14
Date of Birth March 19, 2001
Gender Male
Location Nintendo Island
Current Status Alive
Class Student
First Appearance Nintendo High School
Latest Appearance Nintendo High School

Jason is one of the two main protagonist in Nintendo High School. He and his brother, Brad, wished that they could go to Nintendo High School.


Jason seems to be very smart, when it comes to book smarts and video game smarts. He and his brother Brad are pretty different. Despite this, he gets along with his twin brother, Brad, very well. He can be optimistic, but this is usually ruined due to him being so smart, as he makes a bad situation worse.


Jason is a 14 year old boy with brown, spikey hair, green eyes, a dark blue shirt with a purple stripe, blue pants, and black shoes.


Nintendo High School

  • He is one of the two main characters in the show.



Brad is Jason's brother & best friend. They get along really well, and while they deliver zingers to each other from time to time, they ultimately love each other.


Though it hasn't been shown in the shown in the show too much, he seems to be a good friend of Luigi.


  • He is a huge fan of video games.
  • It takes him 10 minutes to run a lap.

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