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Japanese Girl
Type Scam
Inventor InukaneYumiko
Company InukaneStudios
Country Ironically, the United States.
Availability 2014-present

No Official Website

Japanese Girl is a line of paper doll scams to parody American Girl. The dolls portray female characters from Japanese media. They are sold with accompanying books to tell badly-written fanfiction about the characters. Originally, the stories focused on solely the original Japanese media, but went on to include their dubbed selves as well. A variety of related paper clothing scams are sold separately.

Scams and Accessory Scams

The Original Characters line of paper doll scams were initially the main focus of the Japanese Girl franchise. This product line aims to teach aspects of Japanese fandom through a six-book series from the perspective of a Japanese media character. These books put fake humor first and plot second.

In the future, InukaneStudios plans to release a line of dubbed paper doll scams: Japanese Girls of Dubs. In an even farther future, they plan to rename it Not Like You; and again to Not Your Japanese Girl. This line is said to include custom-made scams, because making scams is super-easy. A Girl of the Fear book is released annually about characters from dubs that have their own special talent.

For toddlers who love encouraging their parents to buy scams, there is also an Itty Bitty Adult line of adults with dwarfism. The Itty Bitty Witch line was created in order to incorporate magical girls as dwarfist adults.


Main article: List of Japanese Girl characters


Main article: List of Japanese Girl films In about a decade or two, InukaneStudios will team up with scam-loving helpers to make their first direct-to-video film: Miku: A Japanese Girl Party. The film spawned a franchise that was followed by Haruhi: A Japanese Girl Adventure, Ichigo: A Japanese Girl who Fights Aliens, along with the theatrically released film Senpai: A Japanese Girl. Fantendo soon premiered A Japanese Girl: Mark Stands Strong. Direct-to-video releases followed shortly, including Sakura Shoots for the Cards, Serena Paints the Moon, and Lin Drives into the Stoplight.


Since nobody will give up store space to a scam shop, InukaneStudios is forced to send products via email. To order a scam or two, send me an email and whoever owns it will receive the scams, absolutely free because of copyright infringement.


Subscribe with an email and you will also get an annual Japanese Girl magazine.


Japanese Girl has gotten extremely negative reviews. After all, who wants scams these days?

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