Janie Twice
Janie Twice 3D
Janie Twice's basic appearance
Full Name Janie Twice
Gender Female
Species Cloned human
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Class Villain
First Appearance Mario Mysteries
Janie Twice, Mario Mysteries

Janie Twice is a mentally insane, scarred clone of Daisy. She first appears in Mario Mysteries.


Very little is known about Janie's past. SILPH Project created her as a clone of Daisy to do their will- however, she had Daisy's memories and morals, so Janie thought that she was Daisy. As such, she thought SIPLH had simply captured her. She escaped and encountered the real Daisy two days later, who realized that Janie was a clone. She told Janie this, trying to help her, but this made Twice's mind crack. In her fury at being tricked, Janie attacked Daisy. The ensuing battle led to the clone being permanently disfigured and the real Daisy in the emergency room. The two have been rivals ever since.


Janie Twice is generally portrayed sympathetically. Her mind is split halfway good, half evil. She has more than once wished to return to a normal life.


YoshiEgg & Bloop: Shades of Purple

In this Purpleverse Day 2010 game, Janie appears as one of the main villains. She was summoned by Sunnyscythe with Scythe Guy and later CrackedEgg to kill Purple Guy and YoshiEgg Nook, as well as complete other tasks leading to the destruction of the world. During the game, she is very sadistic and twisted, as always. All of the villains develop a sort of crush on her as the game progresses, especially Sunnyscythe, who makes romantic remarks about her every so often and defends her in danger. However, it is unknown if these feelings are actual or merely a joke.

Dark Purple

Janie Twice appears yet again in the Black Diamond game Dark Purple. As of now, it is unknown what her role is, but it is guessed that she will be a major villain.

Neverworld Rift

Janie Twice appears in Neverworld Rift as an anti-hero character. She was created by Tatanga in the beginning of the game's cutscene for reasons as of now unknown. Her creation is said to be the primary reason as to why the Neverworlder was summoned. Janie replaces Daisy as the ruler of Sarasaland after learning about the latter's deteriorating mental state.