Jane Nunez
Full Name Jane Sofia Nunez
Current Age 21
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Rosario, Argentina
Align Good
Ability/ies Skill with telekinesis
Nationality Argentina
Ethnicity Latina
Height 5'6"
First Appearance The Los Angeles Crew

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Jane is a human from Argentina. She is a strong telekinetic who doesn't take prisoners.


Jane is an average height 21-year-old Latina woman with long brunette hair. She wears a green hooded leather jacket, black bootcut jeans and black combat boots which are covered by her jeans, save for the toes. Her eyes are brown.


Jane was born in Argentina, and raised in Buenos Aries. She learned of her telekinesis when she was 9, after she saved her mother from falling to her death by catching her with her mind. Jane's mother has been grateful for her daughter since. Jane enjoyed life in Argentina, but eventually moved to California when she was 14, where she met Jess Pierce. Unfortunately for Jane, she met Jess when she was starting to get extremely frustrated by life. Jane attempted to help Jess but could never do so, and felt bad for Jess when she was kicked out of high school. Jane went on to graduate and attend college, where she met Dave Sikes in her second year. The two got along well and started working with one another.


Jane is a calm woman, not allowing anything to get on her nerves or get her angry. She likes peace and wants to stay peaceful herself.


  • One of Jane's hobbies is BMX. She rides semi-professionally when she gets the chance.