Jane (Enfer)
Full Name Jane Peterson
Current Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Main Weapon(s) Ice Axe/Guns/Magic
Vulnerable To Normal human weaknesses
Nationality UK
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
First Appearance Enfer
Jane Peterson is a 16-year old girl who was sent to the devil world of "Enfer" to rescue her lost friends.


Jane looks like a normal 16-year old girl in terms of looks.

For clothing she usually wears a brown coat with a black shirt under it and some jeans.


Jane is ususally calm and isn't afraif to throw a joke or two when she's happy, but if she gets angry or gets too anxious, she might lose all sense of sanity and go insane until calming down.

Jane is introverted, only hanging out with her small group of friends and usually staying away from the rest. Jane also seems to have a big interest in the supernatural.

Appearances in Other Games

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Jane appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered as a default character, she still has her Adrenaline mechanic from Enfer with a few tweaks to fit the Smash format.

Fandemonium 3

Jane appears in Fandemonium 3 as a competent in Green Team, her personality is tweaked a little but she remains mostly untouched as a character.

Paintverse - Brighter Days

In the NorthAmerican version of the game Jane can be seen in a poster, in said poster she's dressed up as a nurse promoting a hospital named "The Enfermary".


  • Jane is actually aromantic, this means that she doesn't feel any sort of romantic attraction to anyone regardless of gender.

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