Jamie, age 15.
Full Name Jamie
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Location Fantendo City
Current Status Neutral
Class Knight
Jamie's Army
Family and Relations
Link (Second Cousin)
Main Weapon(s) Sword, Bomb, Pump Shotgun, Mace, Axe
Vulnerable To Chuck Norris
Hmm... so be it. You have chosen the wrong decision. And now, you will pay!
Jamie to a traitor (The Legend of Jamie 2)

Jamie Hyrule is a powerful Knight fighting alongside the Fantendo Army. He was created by GG Games and is the second cousin of Link. He wears a blue tunic and cap, like Link's green tunic and cap, but is much more aggressive and unforgiving. He was created to star in several Fantendo Games, first appearing in The Legend of Jamie, which was followed up by 4 sequels and a few spin-offs.


Jamie was born and raised by his parents until the age of 6. One day, he refused to go to knight camp and decided to run away. His cruel parents did not care a whole lot. He was found in a forest by Link's Uncle Terrance. He was tought the skills of the arrow, sword, bombs, hookshot, boomerang and slingshot. Because of the Recession, Uncle Terrance was very poor and could not afford much. In return Jamie decided to do a little thing called robbery. He broke into an orange rich Yoshi's house and stole a prized vase. Jamie got $40 rupees for selling it on eBay. Then, he stole a blind old lady's bag and got some old mints; $5 rupees more. His most prized stealing was a signed McBoo autograph dated 2001. That gave Jamie $243 rupees more, and he was able to buy some new equipment. He got a job a year later, working at the horse stables. He would have to beat the bad horses asses with a smoking kettle prod. He got a lot of enjoyment and rupees. With a total of $673 rupees, he moved to Fantendo City and bought a pawn shop. His favorite song was "Because I Got High" by Afroman. Jamie began a career of drugs, drinks and depression. The next day he received a telephone call from Link, saying that Uncle had died. Word is Jamie after that got drunk. He chilled out with a few Hammer Bros. and did a few rounds. A few months later Jamie went psycho and grabbed all of his guns and took fire at the police station. After doing time in the Fantendo jail, he was released and turned 14. He adopted a cat named "Killer" and he began teaching it to "Sick Balls" whenever people entered his house. He lived in the now-abandoned pawn shop in Fantendo until he accepted an invite to be in his own game. That was his story.


The Legend of Jamie

In this game, Jamie went around with an axe slaughtering and robbing many. His first victim was an old man whom exploded into a fiery ashpit shortly after.

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