James McCloud (Future Timeline)
James, in a Super Smash Bros. Brawl pose.
Full Name James Mccloud
Current Age 42
Gender Male
Species Red Fox
Location Corneria
Current Status Unknown (presumed dead)
Star Fox
Cornerian Defense Force
Family and Relations
Fox Mccloud (Son)
Akari (granddaughter)
Miwa (Granddaugther-in-law)
James McCloud (Past Timeline)
Nikita (Daugther-in-law)
Ace (Grandson-in-law)
Main Weapon(s) Arwing, Blaster

James McCloud (ジェームズ・マクラウド, Jēmuzu Makuraudo) was the founder and leader of legendary commando-mercenary group Star Fox and the father of Fox McCloud.



The first members of Star Fox

Before Star Fox, James was a member of the Cornerian Army, alongside his best friends Peppy Hare and Pepper. He was an ace pilot and a combat specialist who was revered throughout the Lylat System. As watching fox grow he became friends with a girl name Nitika and knowing her and fox has secret romantic feelings for each other as one day James was sent on a scouting mission to Venom, along with the other Star Fox members (Peppy and Pigma), but little did he and James know Pigma betrays the Star Fox team and leads them into an ambush. Peppy narrowly escapes; however, James's fate is currently unknown (presumed dead) after peppy told fox he started to finish with his father left off and became the new leader of Star Fox.

stsrfox assult

in Star Fox: Assault. Towards the end, he and some other characters are heard talking, their faces identified in the Comm, thought to be assimilated by the Aparoids. In reality, it's just the Aparoid Queen using the voices to trick Fox which fox remembered his father told him to never give up But as years went by James does not know that his son has been killed by Nikita's replica azumi.