James Alen
Full Name James Alen
Current Age 50
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status alive
Nationality African-American
Ethnicity Black
First Appearance F-Zero (Tentative Title)

James Alen is the older brother to Kate Alen. He makes his debut as a new pilot in the Wii U game, F-Zero U as the pilot of the Sapphire Rose


Like his younger sister Kate, James has been preforming since he was a young boy. Along with his nine brothers and his younger sister, he preformed in the Alen Eleven. Unlike his sister however, he embraced his career as an muscician, and has made many recordings. Although he is known for his soulful records, he's been getting into rap lately. He joined the F-Zero races out of concern for his younger sister's safety, although this came about only after former soccer player, Ricardo Garcia joined the F-Zero Grand Prix, and mentioned his intentions to prepose to Kate if he won the Grand Prix!


James Alen seems to be a nice and quite friendly person to the most casual onlooker. However this only applies on the condition that any other male that isn't family must stay away from his sister, or deal with the consequences. He makes this quite clear in his F-Zero TV interview, and when he notices anybody trying to ram Kate off of the track.


James Alen has the same skin tone complexion as his sister Kate. However, he doesn't wear an afro and instead wears cornrows in his hair, which is the same color as Kate's. He wears a flashy lavender form fitting flight suit that is covered in hundreds of sapphires and with a rose stiched on the back as a reference to the name of his machine the Sapphire Rose. 

Game Appearences

James Alen has only appeared in the Wii U installment of F-Zero, F-Zero U.