James (Pokémon)
Full Name James
Current Age 14
Location Palette Town
Class Pokemon Trainer
Main Weapon(s) Pokemon

James is a fourteen year old boy from Palette Town in East Kantojo he first appeared in Pokemon Dark and Light as the main male character or the friendly rival if the girl was picked.

His father Stuart is fighting in West Kantojo along with Elizabeth's father Henry. He lives with his mother Mary and he has two little brothers Jacob who tells Elizabeth all sorts of embarrasing secrets about him and Jarrod who snoops around Elizabeth's house and tells James all sorts of embarrasing secrets about her.


First Battle

  • lvl 5 Charmander/Squirtle/Bulbasaur (whichever one is best against your starter)

Second Battle

  • lvl 10 Charmander/Squirtle/Bulbasaur
  • lvl 7 Magikarp/Magby/Exeggecute (same element as your starter)

Third Battle/First Double Battle

  • lvl 20 Charmeleon/Wartortile/Ivysaur
  • lvl 16 Magikarp/Magby/Exeggecute
  • lvl 15 Spearow

Fourth Battle

  • lvl 30 Charmeleon/Wartortile/Ivysaur
  • lvl 25 Magikarp/Magby/Exeggecute
  • lvl 25 Pidgow
  • lvl 25 Magikarp/Magby/Exeggecute (element best against her own starter)

Second Double Batle

  • lvl 36 Charizard/Blastoise/Venusaur
  • lvl 30 Gyarados/Magmar/Exeggecutor
  • lvl 30 Pidgow
  • lvl 30 Gyarados/Magmar/Exeggecutor

Fifth Battle

  • lvl 50 Charizard/Blastoise/Venusaur
  • lvl 45 Gyaramadon/Magmortar/Exeggfera
  • lvl 45 Fearow
  • lvl 45 Gyaramadon/Magmortar/Exeggfera
  • lvl 40 Spireon
  • lvl 40 Skarmory