Jam with The Band!: Let's Rock!
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
US, EU, and JP: July 18, 2018
Genre(s) Music
Series Jam With The Band
Predecessor Jam with The Band P
 Jam with The Band!: Let's Rock! (Daigasso! Band Brothers: 4 in Japan) is a music video game released in Japan, Europe, and the US on July 18, 2018. It is the first Jam with The Band game to be released in the US. It is the sequel to the Japan only 3DS game called Jam with The Band P. In the game, There is 70+ songs you can play, and 30+ DLC songs.


Jam with The Band!: Let's Rock! features 84 insturments you can play. Just like all the games in the series, The game's focuses on pressing different buttons at a certain time, You can get a Perfect rating, a Great rating, a Good rating, a OK rating, and a Missed rating during songs. Depending on the song's speed, The notes will go down the screen at a certain speed.

Just like the second installment of the Jam with The Band series, you can connect the game to a Wii U using the "The Music Plaza" application on the Nintendo eShop, simillar to Animal Crossing Plaza on the Wii U. Using The Music Plaza, you can make your own songs and transfer the song to your 3DS. You can also upload songs to Miiverse.


See Jam with The Band!: Let's Rock!/List of Songs for more information.

Every version (not counting the Japanese version) of the game has 85 songs (not counting DLC songs) while the Japanese version has 90 songs. Most of the songs in the game are either Classical songs, Traditional songs, Nintendo songs, or Popular songs. Jam With The Band!: Let's Rock! also let's you create songs via the free Wii U application "The Music Plaza". As of December 2019, players have uploaded five million songs to the game's roster. The most popular songs people from around the world have played on Jam With The Band!: Let's Rock! is Kisekae, The Super Mario theme, Callie and Marie's theme, Sukiyaki, and Ode to Joy.


The game was considered in 2014 after the sucess of the third Jam with The Band game in Japan, where it was the best selling game on the eShop 2014-2015. Nintendo and Intellgent Systems later went on to making the fourth JWTB game. It was later annouced at E3 2017 and was going to release in Winter 2017, The game was later delayed and the release date was pushed back to July 2018. Jam with The Band!: Let's Rock then released on July 18, 2018.

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