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Jakuaws is a great white shark-like character from Henchuchai Jikuma!, he appeard in episode 72: Ruin of Jaws.


  • Bite: he bite things with his jaws, although they can't bite metal things
  • Swim fast: Jakuaws swim extremely fast on water


Jakuaws is a navy blue shark-like creature, who has sharp teeth. He has blue legs and spikes on the back of his tail.


In the 72th episode, he first appears underwater. Later he swims to Tokyo and attempts to completely terrorize Tokyo. He was fought by Henika, Makita and Litomikuka with his bite ability. After a short fight, he escapes by jumping down the bridge and swimming away. Later, he was fought by Henika, Makita and Litomikuka again. However, after a long fight, he finally get defeated by the main characters. After being defeated, his body was thrown into the sea.


Jakuaws's height is 6.94 feet.

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