Jake the Dog
Appearance of Jake the Dog
Full Name Jake the Dog
Current Age 26 (pilot episode)
28 (season 1)
30 (now)
Gender Male
Species Dog
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Finn - Best friend, adoptive brother, owner
Lady Rainicorn - Lover, wife(since Her Parents episode)
Charlie, TV, Viola, Kim Kil Wan and Jake Jr. - Children
Joshua- Father
Margareth the Dog-Mother
Bob and Ethel- parents-in-law
Ice King- former husband
Main Weapon(s) Stretchy Powers
Ability/ies Stretch his body, morph to different things
Voice Actor(s)
John Di Maggio
First Appearance Adventure Time, 2008
Jake redirects here. You maybe are looking for Jake, Jake (Luck), Jake the Red Hyperspeed Yoshi or Jake the Koopa

Jake the Dog is the secondary protagonist of the Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, appearing alongside Finn. He is Finn's best friend, constant companion and adoptive brother. Jake has magical powers which allow him to change his shape and size. Jake and his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn, both like to play the viola. He has personality between adventurer and simple householder.


Jake the Dog can morph into any shape thanks to his stretchy powers. Despite this, he tends to take form as an average-sized yellow dog with jowls. It is shown in the episode, Donny, that Jake wears transparent pants made of cobwebs that was spun by pixies. He and Finn appear in Futurama episode Leela and Genestalk as prisoners in dungeons, because Jake and Bender share their voice actor.

Game Appearances

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!

Jake, along with Finn, find that Ice King has been stealing their garbage. At first this is fine, until Finn and Jake learn that the Ice King is using their rubbish to make a Garbage Princess. The two travel across the Land of Ooo to stop Ice King.

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!

Finn and Jake are called to the Candy Kingdom by Princess Bubblegum to inestigate some crime going on in the kingdom. Princess Bubblegum thinks the problem lies in her Secret Royal Dungeon and Finn and Jake head into the dungeon.

Fanon Appearances

Fighters of Lapis

Jake is a mainstay in the Fighters of Lapis series, appearing in every game. He uses his stretchy moves to attack and turn into various objects.

Destination Timewarp

Jake is co-protagonist of that game, alongside with Finn and Dexter.

Adventure Time: The Enchiridion Quest

Jake is the starting partner of Adventure Time: The Enchiridion Quest. Around the world, Jake can morph his body into different shapes to help Finn around the world.