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Were you looking for the original version of the character that Sr.Wario made?
Jake Skett (ZAXALT)
Full Name Jake Skett
Date of Birth March 21st
Gender Male
Location Puralaxy
Current Status Alive
Class Pet / Agent
First Appearance PROJECT ZAXALT
Jake Skett is the house-pet to James Zabrent and Alena Carter, and also a secret agent that fights Buffchest the Chesnaught. A silent creature that communicates by holding signs, Jake Skett lives a rather stressed life and tries to keep the two "kids" under control, while also trying to prevent their mischief found by "older sister" Blank or "father" Eric Sinn.

Physical Description

Jake Skett looks identical to the old Jake Skett, only that he doesn't wear a tie and he puts on a detective's cap and holds a magnifying glass as a secret agent.


Jake Skett has powers over nature, which means that he can form grass, use tree-related attacks, and what not. They're not too strong, but Skett's arms are strong enough on their own to cut down trees. He also has quick agility and moves fast both as an animal and as a "human ninja".


Skett's a bit rude, he sometimes doesn't like to communicate with people that aren't part of his "forced-together family" and he can sometimes not have good manners at the dinner table. If he could speak vocally, he'd just use swears and insults much of the time, but communicates by clean sign language.

He's pretty nice though, he just doesn't like being much company. If you're one of his family members, he'll often help out, even by mowing the lawn or by playing kitten (which he hates). He's also a reasonable entertainer too, he can juggle balls and make sex jokes silently (no one gets them).


James Zabrent

Skett likes James a lot, but thinks that he's really annoying and will swat him with his tail if he ever lays a finger on Carter. He think James is also a dumb planner and gets into too much trouble. In addition, he hates it when James makes him chase his own tail.

Alena Carter

Skett white knights Carter from all kinds of danger, and will not let anyone else touch her, not even "father Sinn" when he gives hugs or dinner. He often curls around Carter's legs to fall asleep when he naps in the day.


It is rumored that when Skett sees Blank, he wants to spit on her. However, he tries to hide the mischief of Zabrent and Carter from Blank, and will act innocent and "whistle" when she's around.

Eric Sinn

The two get along well, although Skett hates it when Sinn gives fatherly hugs to Carter. They don't really have much in common, except they both like R-rated movies.

Buffchest the Chesnaught

The two have actually not too bad a relationship, Skett just tries to stop Buffchest's evil plots. The villain often says "curse you Skett the Sceptile" when he's defeated. The two are really good at chess together.


  • The entire scenario that Jake Skett and multiple other F.A.N.T. members are in is directly inspired by the Phineas & Ferb television series.
  • Jake Skett's moves are Pound, Bullet Seed, Giga Impact, and Mud-Slap.
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