Jake (reboot)
Tigzon's Jake art coloured
Jake's basic appearance
Full Name Jake
Current Age 18
Date of Birth September 1
Gender Male
Species Human
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
HAX (executive "child")
Main Weapon(s) Data
Ability/ies Usage of data powers
Nationality Canadian
Height 6'01" / 1.85m
Weight 153 lbs / 69kg
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance HACKED
Get HACKED, bro.
Jake, endgame

 Jake Slaaz is the main protagonist of the HACKED series, being a user of cyberspace-related abilities such as surfing and searching data, and using them to his advantage in the "Game" universe.  He is recognized with the usually red leaf in his hair, and works online with the duty to destroy pointless firewalls and viruses, along with stopping the ever-rampant HAX program that he executed not long ago.  He is the first property from Existence Software that TimeStrike bought.

Physical Appearance

Jake is basically human, having an average build and having short brown hair and blue eyes, and often wearing a prized grey hoodie that keeps him warm regardless of what weather, and often wears either black or navy blue jeans, mostly depending on his mood.  He is recognizable with two defining traits: the red or brown leaf in his hair and an image of the letter H on his back.


While Jake can be kind and caring, he often comes as sarcastic and quite pessimistic, and doesn't appear to have that much faith in humanity or surroundings, but tends to keep quiet on his negative traits while often expressing his more positive ones.  He can be described as intelligent and has heavy knowledge on the Internet and computers in general, which has helped lead to his success in the cyberspace world.  Jake is like a titanium wall in ways, he's difficult to take apart with emotions and he can be kind of stubborn, and he's mostly a one-man army, even when he gains Autores for a friend.


Jake was born without actual abilities, but upon HAX taking him into the world of cyberspace, Jake gained a slew of new powers, mostly revolving around cyberspace, able to shatter Firewalls, Blocking Panes, and break through security-enhanced web servers, and can create paths of data for him to walk or run on, and even gains the ability to temporarily fly and burst through the cyber world.  While his powers are limited and have cooldown in order to be used again, they grant him enormous advantages and allow him to get all the way across the Lifts or even the Fantendoverse from surfing alone, although there are things that he cannot break alone.  These powers are ineffective in the real world, where he is mostly a normal human being, although touching a computer screen enables him to teleport into the cyber world.


Autores Piratore

Jake and Autores are rather good friends, but did not initially start off that way.  In fact, until he saved her, Autores was rather aggressive towards him and didn't trust him and had no reason to just because she was independent, but the entire time Jake was mostly silent and only spoke to her for real when it came to tight situations.  When Jake saved Autores, she had a change of heart and began talking to Jake more, but the latter had difficulty shaking off Autores' cruelness before as it took a while to heal himself of the wounds that she finally pressed into him mentally.

Bob and Boeb

Jake seems to have no real opinion on these two, although he admits that at first they were both really annoying, but as they got used to the quiet atmosphere of Jake and Autores, they matured in different ways and got along with him better, but things began splitting apart as they began growing too independent and became infected by HAX's minions, and required Jake to defeat them to move on.


Jake and HAX are essentially enemies, and feelings of hatred towards each other, although Jake is way less open about his own than HAX is, who constantly belittles him.  While Jake just finds HAX incredibly annoying and wants to break him apart, the latter instead wishes to overtake everything the teen owns and steal his data powers for his own usage so that he can be the ultimate data-hacker overlord two-thousand and three, whatever that means.



  • The leaf in Jake's hair is supposed to be a symbol of rebellion; similar to the Mockingjay Pin from the Hunger Games trilogy.
    • In addition, the fact that it is red could be a reference to the red maple leaf in the Canadian flag.
  • Jake is the first character to have been taken from Existence Software by TimeStrike.
  • Jake is heavily based off of Mirai Moon, who was his creator.