Jake (Luck)
Jake in Luck
Full Name Jake
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Gender  ??? (probably Male)
Species Demon
Class Vilian

Lady Lumina



First Appearance Luck
Latest Appearance Luck
Good Luck...
Jake, Luck

 Jake is a skeletal demonoid being from Luck, he is the most demon looking of all the vilians in the game but also one of the more easy characters to defeat.


Jake has an orangey-red head and two giant horns that curl. Jake's skin has rotted away below his neck making him look like a skelaton. His nose curls and so does his beard. He also has the Horseshoe around is neck


Jake is a very mean person who is stated to "Stop At Nothing", Jake has (Like Clover) killed many people but using his bear hand instead of an axe.

Game Apeances


Jake is a mid boss in the game attacking Monica in random parts of the game. Once Jake is defeated you get the Horseshoe.


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