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Jake's Tomodachi Life is a series of comic-based Let's Play blogs based around Jake's experience with the Nintendo DS title Tomodachi Collection, released exclusively in Japan and running with an English-based patch. The story was, quite obviously, based upon one of the same concept by .vectorDestiny.


Betty Betty, a misunderstood person, travels to a small, barren island in the middle of a "sea" known as turdl Island. Once she moves there, she meets a plethora of unique characters, and eventually sets a goal to get married to one of the other people living on the island.



Character Personality Description
Mr. Disembodied Voice N/A Mr. Disembodied Voice, or Mr. DV, has a habit of stating the obvious, and acts as the game's narrator. He tells the readers when people enter and exit rooms, and what they are doing.
JakesTomodachiLife-Betty Betty
Betty Betty
Takes things slowly, naive, delicate, meek, attentive, kind.
Usually worries about others. Wants to get along with everyone. Easily trusts others.
The main protagonist. Betty was born on January 1, 1900, and moved to turdl Island on August 20, 2020.

She is currently friends with Zoxy.

JakesTomodachiLife-Zoxy Banka
Zoxy Banka
Takes things slowly, naive, delicate, meek, attentive, kind.
Relaxed and carefree type. Very laid-back but has a lot of things to worry about.
The second person to appear on the island, Zoxy was born on October 31, 2003. Zoxy's cousin is Zoxy the Banker, who lives on the nearby Suave Island.

He is currently friends with Betty.

JakesTomodachiLife-Santa Claus
Santa Claus
Energetic, believes in hunch, sketchy, optimistic, sensitive.
The Hot Blooded type. Likes to get involved with other people. Somewhat pushy.
The third person to appear on the island, Santa comes from a Christmas long in the future. He is commonly known as "Black Santa" by the other people on the island, because racism.
Izzy / E-Scope
Energetic, believes in hunch, sketchy, optimistic, sensitive.
Very energetic and determined. Likes to do things on a whim and no one can stop him/her.
After her time on Total Drama, Izzy moved to turdl Island to live with the wild animals. Quickly though, she befriended the locals who lived there and moved into their apartment. She was the fourth to appear on the island.
JakesTomodachiLife-Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster
Takes things slowly, naive, delicate, meek, attentive, kind.
Relaxed and carefree type. Very laid-back but has a lot of things to worry about.
C is for Cookie, and Cookie is he! He just randomly showed up on the island and moved into the apartment building with the others. No one knows what the hell he is, but that's okay because he's nice.
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