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SSB2014 - Jake's Super Smash Bros.
JSSB2: RE/Write
Jake's SSB2 Rewrite block
Universe Jake's Super Smash Bros.
Developer Jake
Publisher Fantendo Publishing Ltd.

Jake's Super Smash Bros. II: RE/Write is a downloadable content package for Jake's Super Smash Bros. II. The game acts as a companion to the story mode of the aforementioned game, following twelve new playable characters in events that run concurrent to those seen in Writer's Block.


Jake's SSB2 Rewrite


Jake's Super Smash Bros. is a party-fighting game that is somewhat different from other fighting games. Unlike most fighting games that have two fighters aiming to deplete their HP bar to zero, Super Smash Bros. has from two to four (eight in some modes) characters fighting in large, 2D environments. Fighters are given damage percentages that act oppositely to HP bars in other fighters, increasing the distance the fighter is launched should the damage percentage be higher. In order to defeat fighters, it is the player's job to knock the other fighters off-screen, earning them a KO or removing a stock from those KO'd.

Jake's Super Smash Bros. II features several changes from its predecessor. The most notable of said changes is the introduction of the Badge system, which replaces the Stickers of the previous game. Badges, which take on a similar appearance, can now be used to boost stats in the game's story mode.

Playable Characters

There will be an additional twelve playable characters released with RE/Write.


There will be fifteen additional stages released with RE/Write.

Existence Software
Original Characters

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