Jairo Martín
Absolutely. You know how to deal with meteors. They are just spoiled brats man, nothing compared to you, the absolute king of the cosmos. :3
Full Name JairoIcon Jairo Martín TimeSymbol
Current Age 13
Date of Birth 25th August, 1998
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Staffkind
First Appearance Fantenstuck

JAIRO is a bookworm, GEEKY KID with a heavy interest on ART and FICTION. He loves VIDEO GAMES, and is a huge FANON CO worshipper. He dreams of entering the COMPANY one day, when he grows up, but in his heart he knows it's just a DREAM. The true thing he wants to be is a WRITER. Yes, that's probably the best thing for him. He loves some ANIMATED SERIES, too. He is a huge fan of DOCTOR WHO and some SPANISH COMEDIES. He likes MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC and considers himself a BRONY. Some might think he is too YOUNG to be one, but it doesn't matter to him. LOVE and TOLERATE.

He hangs out with his friends, such as swordPacifist, burnerDash and the other bunch. He hates BUGS. A lot. And GHOSTS, too. But of course, the thing he really really hates... no, FEARS, are ALIENS.

He is one of the MAIN PROTAGONISTS of FANTENSTUCK. His title is the Heir of Time, his STRIFE SPECIBUS is BOOKKIND and later STAFFKIND, his associated element is WATER, and his associated object is a QUILL. His FETCH MODUS is called POSTIT.


Act 1

UilIcon ==>

AlexIcon Go bother burnerDash

UilIcon See if your chums are on

AlexIcon Answer burnerDash (5 pp.)

UilIcon Pester swordPacifist (3 pp.)

AlexIcon Ask Steli (2 pp.)

UilIcon AlexIcon Jairo: Check your computer. (2 pp.)

UilIcon Uil: Poke Jairo with the cursor. (13 pp.)

UilIcon Uil: Pester Jairo.

SparkIcon shiningSpark: Contact Jairo.