Jairo Librella-Lasseter is a lively yet relaxed librarian who appears in Mr. Chilli (Game).


Jairo is very ambitious, he is very playful and energetic. Admiring and inspirational by following his dreams as he even still has some of the adventurous child he once was in him. He is fascinated with nature and is a bookworm.


Mr. Chilli (Game)

Jairo is aspiring, young writer who is longing for money to launch his first book. If Chilli reads a book in the libary and becomes friends with Jairo he will gradually become a better lawyer by 0.1 stat each interaction.


  • Jairo was originally the main protagonist of Lunar Δ, called Jairo Lasseter. Before being reworked as a boxer when Hybrid Co. went to work on Punch-Out!: VR but removed due to Don Flamenco being too similar so was slipped into Mr. Chilli for another way to increase Chilli's relationship stats.
    • His surname is a mixture of his two beta names.
  • He is based off Half-blood2000 (tbc).